Humbled and Blessed by an Unexpected Friendship~Summer of 3 Wishes...

You find out how little you actually know about the world, the people who inhabit it and their different cultures when you are in the presence of a woman who has lived amongst Nomads in Mongolia in a tent with no refrigeration, running water or bathrooms, whose highest honor was for them to give her the gift of goat ears to eat (and she did...well at least "one" she told me), because that's what you do when you visit people; absorb their culture and live as they do.
Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) has nothing on my guest. I feel humbled and blessed to have such a wonderful friendship.
Life really is about your thoughts and those thoughts do become a reality.
I'm calling this my summer of three wishes...a year ago my brother and I discussed partaking in the Warrior Dash if it ever came here to Minnesota. Within a matter of months, I was rappeling walls, climbing ropes, jumping fire and maneuvering through mud wondering to myself, "Why would I EVER wish to do something like this" as I ran to the finish line all muddy, dirty, exhausted and wet. Before that, I was watching a video a friend of mine had shared, which I found so joyfully moving I shared it with everyone I knew too. The video was of a man who traveled around the world and danced a silly jig with different people, indigenous people who sometimes didn't speak his language or even know what a camera was let alone ever see a picture of themselves, but they knew how to dance and through that laughed and smiled vivaciously. Two actions we all know no matter where we are from. For me it was the culmination of the dance, the music and the smiles that made me wish I could do something like that. So I emailed "Matt" and signed up to dance with him if he ever came to Minneapolis and he did! I revel in the notion that once I decided I wanted to do this, it became my reality. Finally, one day I reached out to a woman from Paris, named Sandrine Huet who took photos of indigenous people, people I will never meet or even knew existed and right now as I sit on my deck this beautiful morning, she is asleep in my daughter's bed.



  1. I'm a new follower from the DejaVu Blogfest - nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks for visiting! Nice to meet you too!

  3. Hi Jo, nice to meet you. This post is extraordinary! It's a reminder that I needed today. I have been able to live in some exceptional places, because I thought I could. At times I forget that and lose a little gratitude. I needed a kick in the ass today and this was an incredible way to do it.

    Thanks again. I'll be back.

  4. Well farawayeyes...if you needed a kick in the ass, you came to the right place! Thanks for stopping!


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