"36 Sense" My book title...

     Have you ever had something keep happening to you, by forces greater than you: A push, a nudge, an idea from nowhere or a pesky thought that wouldn't let you rest? I have. Mine kept coming to me at the most poignant times in my life...it was in the form of a quarter, a dime and a penny.   
     Why thirty-six cents?
     I’ve boggled my mind as to why this number would be significant to me? A friend of mine thought perhaps the coins simply represented a change. I accepted it as a viable option, but still lamented over the actual coins and the amount. I thought perhaps it was a reference to the age I would be when I had all my answers (as if that happens) or possibly the age when the pain of my divorce finally left my soul and my heart would heal, or somehow it was significant spiritually? I didn’t know for sure, but I continued to write my book in hopes of figuring it out, getting it out of my head and finally letting it go like scattered ashes in the wind.
     Then one day, while standing in the bookstore perusing interesting book covers, I read the introduction to a book called "Eat, Pray, Love" which also happened to be my final push, my nudge, my get going Joanne you are meant to finish writing this (book) even if it means standing naked in front of the world. Elizabeth Gilbert's introduction also mentioned the number 36 and the meaning it held for her. That caught my eye, but I didn’t meditate, know anything about a Japa Mala or travel the world collecting friends and a guru (though I wished I could). I did know a few things about finding myself alone and searching for answers while being pushed by this unforeseen force. I could completely relate to her journey as a woman. I also felt her fondness for the number 36 meant something for me too. After reading her book, I was moved by her honesty in her assessment of herself and this allowed me to free myself from the fear I had of baring my soul and finally finishing my book.


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