Walking Naked~My first Writers Meet-up!

      The other day I Googled Writers Groups in Minneapolis to see what I could find. That led me to a whole new world of "meetup" groups. It seemed almost as if I had stumbled on a rare gem! Maybe I'm the last to know about such groups, but there are meet ups for almost any interest you could think of from A-Z! A whole world of people and places to explore that you might not otherwise meet. To me, that's energizing! Probably because I don't view acquaintances as chance, but rather as fate: an occurrence absolutely meant to happen.
      It was scary and somewhat intimidating to go into something so blindly. It was a small group of authors who wrote across the spectrum-from fantasy to fiction. Any time an author writes something it can leave them feeling vulnerable. They all shared their work and gave each other a verbal and written critique. It suddenly became clear to me this is where I'm meant to be, even if it feels as ominous as a child's first step. Today, I was the only one who wrote Non-fiction, which is essentially like taking your clothes off and walking out your front door, but here goes nothing...


  1. I say that every time I hit Enter at the end of a blog entry ... "Here goes nothing." I close my eyes, hit enter, and send my soul to all that will read. :) Scary indeed.

    1. Thank you for the note! Yes, it is...hopefully it gets easier!


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