An unforgettable Hug...

   In loving memory of my Aunt Jill
Do you think God laughs when we say someone "lost their battle with cancer," with the knowledge  they didn't actually "lose" anything, but the confines of their body?

     Today, I am thinking about my aunt who has cancer. There is one thing about her and her cancer I can't escape. It's the look on her face when she sees someone she loves. I ran into her at the Y a few months ago. I was standing in a room full of women, waiting for my class to start when I saw a very petite woman walk in front of the glass window. She was easy to spot then; wearing a violet crochet hat with a flower on the front which sat where her hair used to be. I quickly ran to the door to say hello. She turned to greet me with a smile so big I couldn't help but be giddy, then she hugged me. I was acutely aware when I put my arms around her just how small and fragile she was, I tried not to hug her too hard, but she hugged me as if she was the size of a Grizzley Bear. I'm not kidding....This is the part I can't was the warmest and most deliberate hug I have ever received! Often times I can STILL feel her hugging me and today is one of those days! A hug from someone with the true knowledge life is precious, people are precious and so should be the time we spend with them...what a great gift!


  1. The best we can do for him is pray. Pray for him..


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