For women only...

     This past week, I volunteered for my first Black Tie charity event for the Courage Center. When I accepted the position, I didn't think about the fact that I would also have to dress accordingly. I looked through my closet and quickly realized I needed a new dress and heels. Ten stores, and seventeen dresses later, I found the perfect dress. I feel compelled to share with you how much I hate shopping. I'd much rather be in the woods, climbing around on rocks or sitting next to a lake.
     I went home, hung up the dress in my doorway and started to figure out what Silpada Jewelry I was going to wear. Of course, being a sales rep. for them has it's benefits! I laughed at myself and my versatility. Just the week before, my dad and I shot fifty rounds with my shot gun and now this...Life is pretty cool that way.
     I decided to make this a full day of me, well...actually a half day.  I called my friend who does make-up, scheduled her to come to my home, and made an appointment to have a pedicure AND a manicure.
     Here  is the purpose for writing this, Charmaine arrived to do my make-up. She knows I don't normally wear any foundation and other than mascara, eye shadow and an occasional eye liner from Target, I don't wear much more.
     The make-up she uses is called Motives. She has asked me for three years to consider becoming a customer of hers, but I just didn't see the need when I could go buy what I needed from my local retail store. When she was done, I looked closely in the mirror with great word rolled off my tongue:"flawless."

I could not see any imperfections on my skin, no variation in skin color, no sun spots etc. In addition, I couldn't feel it on my face. I'm not saying being flawless all the time should be any woman's goal, however we all have our things we'd like to cover once in a while.


  1. This is one of the highest compliments,and I thank you so much. One of the many reasons I work with this amazing line of products..So many of my customers feel the same way!


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