Inner Voice

     The other day, I went for my usual 15 mile bike ride.  I bike 11 miles to a secluded riverbank to sit, reflect, meditate and give thanks. On this particular day, while I was meditating a woman I know crossed my mind. I don't know her well, but I know enough to say she is a good soul. It seemed so odd to me, here I was doing my thing on a riverbank in the woods with all the peace of mind I could ever wish for and she danced through my thoughts. It caused me to pause and ask myself why? Of all the people I could've thought about, why her?
     I sat there for an extended period of time, my thoughts bounced around and eventually she was gone, but then I was prompted to leave. Not by a person, but an inner voice saying, "Time to go, get up, move, leave, get back on your bike."  My logical mind said, "No...I'm not done sitting here," but this voice would not be put off.  I got on my bike and left. Three more miles biked and I saw a young girl in the middle of nowhere headed towards me on her bike. She was very petite, I guessed she was maybe in third or fourth grade. I thought she was way to young to be biking alone in the area she was. We got closer, again the inner voice said, "This is it!" We passed each other and our eyes met...again my inner voice chimed in, "This is it, stop stop stop!" I biked past her then turned my head only to see her stopped and looking back at me with fear and tears in her eyes.
     She was lost.
     I comforted her and told her I would help. She wanted to know If I knew where a particular street was, but I hadn't heard of it. It didn't even show up on my GPS. I kept calm on the outside, but inside I was astounded by this silly inner voice which lead me right here to her. When I looked at her, all I could see was myself as a child. I was lost like her once with no idea where I lived or even a telephone number...nothing.  We made a plan, if we couldn't find her house, she would come home with me until I figured out where she lived. We biked together for another mile and a half talking to each other. She told me about her family, her mom and dad's divorce, her sisters and how she had been getting tutoring at the elementary school. She said her mom told her how to get home, but she couldn't remember what she said. She finally recognized where she was. I biked her to her street and off she rode with a big smile on her face as she thanked me.
     I got home feeling giddy and humbled by the power we all possess and I was elated that I listened to my inner voice. I sat down and opened my computer to find a message on my Facebook from the woman who crossed my mind as I meditated. I was blown away-how could it be? Her note simply said, "...thank you for being the person you are."