The other day I had a really vivid dream. The kind you wake up from and ask yourself, "Why?"
In my dream, I was consoling a woman I know, while she cried. The part which perplexed me was I don't really even know this woman well. We went to the same high school, although we weren't friends and recently we met back up again (twenty five years later), but I've only seen her a couple times, as she lives quite aways from me. I was sure she wasn't really lodged in my subconscious enough for me to dream so vividly about her. However, in my dream it was revealed to me why she was crying. I got up, went to work and forgot about it for a couple of hours. When it crossed my mind a second time during the day, I actually sent her a quick note on Facebook and asked her how she was doing. Initially she told me she was fine, but then when I explained why I asked, she opened up and told me some things from her heart which had been weighing on her mind.
     How was it then I already knew why she was crying? The same reasons she told me had already revealed themselves in my dream.
     Let me tell you all the things I am, instead of telling you what I am not, because surely I know more about one than the other. I am a woman, a mother, a spiritual person with doubts about the Bible, but not about my beliefs in God, I am a thinker (sometimes too much), a giver, a fighter for all that is right, I am an adventurer and a seeker, I am just like a lot of you. When things like this happen, I listen. I fight letting doubt control my actions, or think things are just magical coincidences. I could've easily wrote this off as nothing, said nothing and not reached out to her, but that would not be me. The me who is working on trusting myself, my voice, my strength would never settle for unspoken words with such importance.
     I don't want to tell you all of our conversation, but what I want you to know is the most beautiful exchange came from my reaching out to her--through words, empathy and compassion, two people connected, deepened their faith in God, shed tears, smiled, and reveled in the perplexities or our lives.


  1. I'm all abut connections. Sometimes we make them ourselves and sometimes God makes them for us. I think it's great that you acted on this one. Wonderful post.

  2. I truly believe God is behind it all, but either way making a connection is the greatest gift. Thank you for stopping in!


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