The other day I walked into the lounge to take a break, closing the door behind me and hoping to find myself alone or at least some semblance of solitude, I was delighted to find it was just me. There was a magazine on the table called "More--for women of style and substance." The cover offered little indications to the article I was about to read...I picked it up and opened it. Sometimes I like to play this game when I pick up a book or magazine where I randomly open a page and pretend it was meant to be, kind of a fate-stepped-in...with a message designed for me, something intriguing, and thought provoking... I opened to an article entitled "Vaginas Rule." 
     My initial response was to look at the cover more thoroughly and then silently agree with a tell me something I don't know, response. I thought the article might be on feminism or some sort of Vagina Monologue, but it was actually a little more historical facts, beliefs, misconceptions and scientific findings.  
    According to the author, having a vagina is a woman's "Superpower," citing the scientific reasoning behind her findings. However, I found a blatant disregard to something a little more obvious, besides stimulus response, oxytosins and opioids which the article explains. I imagined myself reading this when I was 30 and thinking how it would've been lost on me at that time, in comparison to the woman I am today.
      Let's face it, I'm a woman, I know a few things about this. I think a woman's "superpowers" encapsulate much more; such as loving herself, accepting her body with positiveness or changing it without self loathing, and reserving judgement towards other women. A woman's age, sexual health and maturity, understanding, respect, love for herself-mind, body and soul whether she is a size two or a twenty makes her beautiful inside and out. Chemical, mental, physical, emotional and sexual maturity--these make a woman a true powerhouse.
     Finding that woman inside yourself...THAT'S the real journey. 



  1. You read a lot more of that article than I would've read.

  2. That's too bad, I like to keep an open mind.


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